On this page you’ll find important information on coronavirus in various languages, including general information on coronavirus, information on vaccination and useful links.

General information on Covid-19

General coronavirus fact sheet in 25 languages

The fact sheet contains information on topics including transmission, symptoms, basic principles and entering Switzerland.

Current basic principles

Poster with the current basic principles in 25 languages

The poster shows clearly and simply what basic principles are still important.


General information on COVID-19 vaccination in 26 languages 

This fact sheet provides information on topics including who pays for the vaccination, its side effects and how it provides protection.

Information for close contacts of people at especially high risk in 10 languages

This fact sheet explains why COVID-19 vaccination is important if you care for or live in the same household as a person at especially high risk.

Information for adults with a chronic disease and people aged 65 or over in 10 languages

This fact sheet explains why COVID-19 vaccination is important if you are aged 65 or over, or if you suffer from a chronic disease.

Fact sheet on vaccination of young people age 12 and over in 5 languages

Fact sheet on good reasons to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in 20 languages

Fact sheet on booster vaccination with an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna) in 21 languages

COVID-19 vaccination in Switzerland: Video in 16 languages

Information about Covid19 vaccination in Switzerland

Test procedures

Diagram of testing procedure in the event of symptoms in 24 languages 

Are you not sure whether to have a coronavirus test or how to do it? Look through the diagram to see what to do. A test can make sense if you have symptoms, but also if you do not.



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